Touchstones on Grief Categories

Children and Grief

Coping Skills

  • A Breath of Summertime Find the "quiet within" by learning how to utilize the healing power of breathing.

  • Bits and Pieces Packing up a lifetime of memories…what will I remember of you and what will you remember of me?

  • I Sent You a Kiss Today Changing and continuing the relationship we have with our loved one. You don't stop loving someone just because death has come.

  • In Search of Joy Find hope and healing and the loving memories of your loved one by making a commitment to rediscovering the joy of having been loved.

  • Making Progress Ways to measure your progress through the grief journey.

  • Moments, Just Moments The secret to surviving grief is not how you face the day or even how you battle the emotions of grief, but in how you chose to spend the moments.

  • One Size Fits All Finding your own grieving style and learning how to live with those who grieve differently than you do. Learn to cherish our differences rather than use them as weapons.

  • Snowflakes--Surviving the Winter Holidays Tips on surviving the winter season of grief. How to just get through the day, the night, and the next day, too.

  • Star Light, Star Bright Learn how to live with wishes made and granted in ways we neither hoped for nor understand. But always remember: We didn't lose the love just because the light went out on this earthly plane.

  • Stop, Look, and Listen We carry our memories within us, but sometimes we are so busy running away from the grief that we cannot touch the love we once knew. Learn how to stop, look, and listen within yourself for the memories of love.

  • Surviving the Death of a Loved One A few simple steps toward healing.

  • Surviving the Mid Winter Gloom Tips on what to do when the gloom of grief has settled inside. The challenge is to always carve out something beautiful from the icicle.

  • The Blessing Box Instead of worrying that you will forget something wonderful in your life, make a Blessing Box and count the blessings in your life.

  • The Good Grief Diet Follow this "diet" as you journey through grief!

  • Wallowing Learn how to have a Good Bad Day and how to live with what you've got instead of what you wanted.

  • What Does Recover Mean Thoughts on the word recovery. Does it mean forgetting, moving on, getting better, or is there a better word to use for this part of the grief journey?

  • So You Think You're Going Crazy Grief seems to make us crazy. Maybe we expect too much from ourselves. We SHOULD ourselves into insanity.

  • Thanks for the Little While A poem of thanksgiving.

Emotions of Grief

  • Anger Learn ways to release the anger so love has a place to grow.

  • Winter's Gloom Coping with the depression of grief.

  • Guilt The number one disease in America. Learn what to do when the "If Onlys" and the "What Ifs" strike.

  • Fear What to do with the fears we face.

General Grief Topics

Handling the Holidays

  • A New Holiday of Hope Ways to find hope and survive the holidays.

  • Christmas Is the Hardest Holiday Why Christmas seems like the hardest holiday and tips on how to get through the holiday season.

  • I'm Not Ready Yet Tips of how to get through the holidays you may feel you will never be ready for again.

  • Low Fat Holidays Handling the holidays is not deciding how to eliminate the fat, the pain, the memories from our lives, but rather, learning how to live with the hurt instead of being consumed by it.

Helping the Bereaved

Helping the Caregiver

  • Taking Care of Yourself It is easy to get burned out when being a caregiver 24 hours a day! Learn how to cope when caring gets to be routine.

Seasons of Grief

  • A Change of Season Learn how to cope with the grief and emptiness that makes the changing seasons so hard.

  • January--Just Surviving January should be called the Basement month…where and how to sort and store all our memories.

  • Parents: A Thank You Mother's Day and Father's Day are days to remember the people who gave us life. Perhaps they did not give you happiness, but you are in charge of that. Remembering our heritage.

  • Winter Paradise Is winter paradise in disguise? Even though winter comes, we need to learn that love endures long past the icy blasts of death.