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Beck's Tribute Center Online Collaboration Tool

Welcome to the Beck’s Tribute Center Online Collaboration Tool. We hope to make the process of answering questions, gathering information, and considering options easier for you during this difficult time. The collaboration center allows you to connect with family members, friends, and your funeral director from any internet connected device.  And of course, you can always call us directly.



Today, more and more people recognize the emotional advantages of planning their funeral or cremation services in advance. The Preplanning Specialists at Beck's Tribute Center can answer your questions, assist you with prearrangements, and show you how to prepay for services.

Preplanning is one of the most loving and caring things you can do for your family. It spares those you love from having to make difficult decisions at an emotional time. It's the smart choice:

  • It ensures that your wishes are fulfilled.
  • You have the time now to carefully plan a service that reflects your life.
  • Pre-paying for your services can protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs.
  • Preplanning may help to preserve your estate.

Don't make the mistake of relying on the proceeds of your traditional life insurance to meet your service needs. Inflation and probate costs can erode the amount of final life insurance benefits available. Family finances can be further stretched as life insurance proceeds usually take weeks or months before they are available to family members.

Our specialists can assist you in creating a plan that carries out your wishes on a budget that you can afford. We will offer you a wide range of selections that will fit both your emotional and financial needs, and we will respect your right to make a decision without undue influence.

Beck's Tribute Center…we’re here to help.